Well, whenever you visit some company or go to a new business, you probably ask them for their card through which you can get their contact and other information. Now, most of the time, the person will surely give you a card on which all the details related to their contact and address will be mentioned. That card on which the name, contact and other personal information of the person are mentioned is termed as name card, and you can get it easily from your nearby SG Name Card Printing  service provider.

Another name for the name card is the business card also because most of the time, people who have a public dealing or are in some sort of business are the only ones who will have this, and you will also ask for it if you have to deal with the person in the near future.

What are the things mentioned in name card?

By now, you are pretty much aware of the fact that what actually name card are and how you can get them ready from a SG Name Card Printing  company near you. But one question that all the beginners suffer from is that what are the things that they should mention in their name card so that they can cover all the aspects? Well, here is the list of the things that you should mention in your name card:-


Name is the first thing that your name card should have in it and is also the basic thing your card should have. But wait a minute, it is not always like you will be getting your name card ready sometimes, the card can also be your business card, and at that time, it will be better that you get your name in small letters and your company name as the first priority.

Your company name is a legal entity, and when you are getting SG Name Card Printing  for your business, then you should mention only the company name on the card and skip your name.

Contact details

Now is the card only for telling your name to the person? Like imagine the situation when you visit a printing press, and they hand over a card in which there is only a name and ask you to call for more details. Isn’t that a little wired? Well, it is too far weird and hence here comes the second most important thing that you should mention on the card.

Mention your contact details on the card for sure, and to be clear to the customers, mentioned more than one number on the card so that if your one number is not dialled, the customer should make use of another number on the card.

Address details

Not all the things are finalized on the phone o by meeting some other place other than your office. So it can be important that you tell your address to the people around and along with it, there comes the third thing that you should provide to SG Name Card Printing  press, which is the address details of your place.