What Are The Major Types In printing services Singapore?

When we see different types of papers and flexes around us, we can see that there is no one way of printing for sure. Every type of print needs a different method, and without a specific method, it is not possible to get a good service. The Poster Printing are the ones that can tell us the different methods there are. The different methods get different outputs, and those outputs have to be good because we are taking the professionals’ services.

So what are the types?

The different types and the most famous ones are as follows, and they will tell what are they used for too, so go and check them out!

  1. Flexography

The name can depict another thing, but no, this is not the method of Poster Printing that we use for making the flexes or billboards. Instead of that, it is the method that is famous for printing the packaging or labels. This is the method that can give the output of the prints that are in the continuous pattern. The ink that is used in this one is semi-liquid, and it dries quickly too. It is the job that is used when the printing has to be done in more quantity.

  • Digital printing

This one is used for printing the posters, labels, newsletters, letters and menus too. It is the method that comes under modern technology as it includes laser and inkjet printing. The printers get the command from the PDFs or use the digital files, giving out the output. If someone wants the print job in a larger number, they have to use it as it can be more cost-effective and a better option.

  • Large format

The large format printing method is used for wallpapers, murals, billboards, posters and floor graphics. It is needed for the companies when they are doing some event, and they have to display the content in the large print in front of the people. It is a pretty famous one because people always need it. Isn’t it better to just have a poster or a vinyl banner than inscribing a wooden panel for the job? So that is how these Poster Printing comes in handy to the people.

  • Screen printing

Ever seen someone wearing a t-shirt for some cause or some type of company they have? Yes, of course, you have because it is such a trendy thing. This type of printing is used on the fabrics, and we can get to have a service like this one very easily from a professional printing service company. In this, fine material is used to transfer the print to the clothes, and it gives out a great print too. But if someone wants to use this method for paper or metal, they can do it too.

Finally, there are even more methods of Poster Printing like 3D printing or offset lithography too. But the ones that we have mentioned are the ones that we get to see most of the time.